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Arizona: Inspirational artworks from SMoCA

I am sure you are wondering why I hadn’t yet posted twice this month as previously promised! I am sure that some of you were terribly worried.

Earlier this month I was inspired by and literally immersed in several brilliant installations in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. (SMoCA)

IMG_20151112_170529389IMG_20151112_170438665_HDRIMG_20151112_170740565IMG_20151112_170553674_HDRThe first installation shown here, Knight Rise Skyspace, 2001, by James Turrell, is an illusionist experience that plays on perceptions of light and color at sunrise and sunset, through architectural and lighting elements that were created specifically for this desert IMG_20151112_170545906environment.


I also got to experience Bruce Munro’s Ferryman’s Crossing, a large-scale installation which uses reflection and dappled light to symbolize the enlightenment of the ferryman who crosses the river in Herman Hesse’s 1922 novel, Siddhartha. The installation incorporates the language of Morse code, used by mariners to communicate across the water using flashes of light. “The lights’ flashes spell out the words but their projected beams ultimately reflect off the compacIMG_20151112_171043922t discs and change the message into something more poetic and abstract.” You may have seen some of his work at Longwood Gardens.

As I sit here now in cold, grey, Pennsylvania, Chris Fraser’s multi-sensory¬†IMG_20151112_172008496IMG_20151112_171944650IMG_20151112_171149470IMG_20151112_171239348IMG_20151112_172021233Atmosphere is most memorable, where “electrically charged argon and neon mimic the colors of the Arizona sky” and produce unusual shadows as participants move through the illuminated space.

Oh yes, and we did visit the Grand Canyon. Mother Nature IMG_20151114_144606962_HDRinspires!

Last day of November!

THANKS to everyone who stopped by on Small Business Saturday! The corn family was so happy to see you!¬† For those of you who couldn’t make it, please remember that we are open by appointment, thru December 20th, so there are 20 more days to shop for the holidays!!