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Meanwhile, back at the studio…


FUN IN THE SUN….Channeling all of the lovely fall sunshine we’ve been experiencing into the “Walk in the Park” mural, still in progress!  We’re over the hump and heading toward the finish line, as the installation is on schedule for next month. Here is a sneak peak at the long shadows and dappled light of Panel #2:panel2sept29And to the west, over the creek, the setting sun of Panel #3 is taking shape:panel3sept29STAY TUNED….Next week, panel #4 and on-site wall preparation.

Coming up: Art in Space event at the Empire State Bldg

    blog-Shadow Bands, acrylic on paper, 38x50              Empire state bldg


TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 16 – 6 to 8 pm

Please join us for cocktails with a fabulous view at 230 Fifth,

 rooftop lounge

230 Fifth Ave. and 27th St, New York, NY 10001

Meet Kim Lovejoy, acclaimed historic preservationist, at 6pm at 230 FIFTH. She will give us the insider’s story of the Empire State Building renovation before we head over to see the new 5th Avenue lobby and art installation.


 “Art in Space” is a two-person exhibition, featuring the spectacular, dreamlike canvases of acclaimed Pennsylvania artist Jane Runyeon’s “Galactic” series, along with world-renowned Massachusetts glass artist Josh Simpson’s amazing “MegaPlanets” that debuted in Acadia National Park, Maine during last summer’s annual “Night Sky Festival.” The program was augmented by the participation of Simpson’s NASA/Space Shuttle astronaut wife, Cady Coleman, who joined the two artists via Skype from Mission Control in Houston, for a series of provocative lectures on the topic of the “Marriage of Art and Science.”


“Astronomy, the night sky, the beauty of Galileo’s notebooks, and images from NASA have all sparked my imagination. The Galactic Paintings explore the abstract edge where art and science meet. The series began over 20 years ago and continues to this day.”

Image above: Shadow Bands, acrylic on paper, 50” x 38”, Jane Runyeon.