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Gallery shotBLOGSchoodic Institute, Acadia National Park Winter Harbor, Maine

August – September 2014

MAGIC in the AIR  : The Fire Works

The night sky has two major meteorite fireworks every year : The Perseid Showers,  July 25-August 20 and The Geminid Showers,  December 7-15 .  Find the constellations and over the course of a couple days you will spot huge streaks of shooting stars some lasting hours or even days!  I  often think of  early man trying to decifer the world around him . It really makes me smile thinking the day they made the connection that these  powerful explosions of light had some cyclical consistency. A meteor is really just interplanetary debris falling into our atmosphere. That does not conjure up a great visual but ironically meteors are nature’s fireworks and are magical. These two showers were a keystone to my Galactic painting series that continues  today.


explosionBLOG 14x11in mixed media on canvas






Explosion, mixed media on canvas, 14″ x 11″Quasar b BLOG, 18x24, acrylic on canvas




Quasar B , acrylic on canvas, 24″ x18″

Most quasars, short for quasi-stellar radio sources are thousands of times more luminous than a galaxy and spew radio emissions at gushing speeds. Quite something to think about and to interpret with paint. This is one of four paintings inspired by QUASARS in the show.

International glass artist  Josh Simpson’s planets and my paintings will be featured in the Empire State Building Fifth Avenue lobby this September. Another chance to explore Art in Space.