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Further along the pathway

Jenny and Jim step back to check out the new addition

Today we finished laying out the drawing for panel #2 (of 4)…..we couldn’t wait to see the panels together so we set them up outside Jim’s studio. Check it out….it’s coming together!

DSC_0115blog DSC_0112blog DSC_0091blog

Jim, working on bench details

Jim, working on bench details

When a Flower

The last couple summers I  have geometrically progressed in the amount of time I spend in the garden. Here are a couple photos i saw while going through my camera.  These 2 quick shots  reminded me of the influence daily life has on my  painting.

Dahlias need to be pulled from the ground prior to frost, then wrapped up and watered a bit during the winter.  Their over night tranformation from bud to full blooming flower is enough for even this late nighter to get up early .first dahlia blog_0671 How a flower becomes a fruit blog 20x20in acrylic on canvasblog ready flowerDSC_0679
This painting was just completed for the Magic is in the Air exhibition that opens @ Schoodic  Education and Research Center in Winter Harbor Maine August 7th More and better Dahlia photos to come

When a Flower Becomes a Fruit, 20″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas