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Fun on wheels at 18 Catherine

 The poster FUN ON WHEELS has been in my office for months  Jenny hung it up and we never thought of moving it anywhere else… it always makes us laugh

and I realized it influenced the wrestlers here they aregaydudesfun on whellsDSC_0188 wrestling

Rainy Day what are you reading?

I just completed this collage from my LIBRARY series, the title is READING FOR PLEASURE     or was that READING, PA ? love the double meanings

thought  the  long horizontal red space was like a squishy  abstracted bed you dive into on a rainy day like today.  My favorite book, no so much for pleasure, but for intellectual gymnastics at this moment is ABUNDANCE The future is better than you think.

FYI FRIDAY is blog day at least twice a month

there  it is the  BLOG commitment !

Reading for Pleasure, 34x12", mixed media on wood

Reading for Pleasure, 34×12″, mixed media on wood