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Drawing imaginary lines in space to recreate a constellation in the night sky caught my imagination long ago and has led to an entire catalogue of work entitled ART in Space.  To  trace the ancient astronomers lines of the  BIG BEAR or Dipper , LITTLE Bear or Cassiopeia the Queen is to experience the history, the  magic of the night. The results of this mapping are the imaginative shapes and legends of the constellations.

The paintings Big Dipper Little Dipper are each 72″ x 60″ , Mixed media on canvas. They capture a fleeting moment : the moonlight, the wind , cloud formations.

Little Dipper, mixed media on canvas, 72x60 WEB

Big Dipper, mixed media on canvas, 72x60 WEB









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Goodbye, April showers/ Hello, May flowers

Springing forward:  I haven’t blogged for quite some time, I’ve been busy with Life, taking care of my lovely 90-year-old moIMG_20150228_172152_594ther and her adorable little Abigail. We’ve packed, we’ve moved, we’ve celebrated birthdays….but I continue to paint and create in every spare moment I can grab here at the studio because that’s my IMG_20160301_205756IMG_20160306_173914IMG_4286oxygen.

Creating a unique corporate space

For our latest installation, the All2Art team created a unique space in the new corporate office of NAI Keystone, commercial real estate brokers.  The partners wanted to designate a stylish “cafe” area in the office for the associates to congregate for casual meetings, have coffee&tea, lunch, read, etc.

Our solution: A bold accent wall covered in antique blueprints from local Reading industrial properties. See if you can spot Canal Street.

Below: planning the layout in the studio, on-site installation and finished product.



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It’s a Jane – Trunk Show

We are packing up our button bracelets, necklaces, rings and artwork for a two-day trunk show in Philadelphia this weekend! Come see us at Coshare, 1505 Walnut Street (between Diesel and Club Monaco), from 11am-8pm Friday and Saturday, Jan 29 & 30.

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Reflect Twice 2015

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.
Thomas Paine
Smile, Strength, Bravelookinginside lookinginside callme marilynavaDSC_0213

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
Wisdom, Experience, Learn

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.
Shawn Ashmore


Collage of images 2015

More Images, memories I did not get to cover earlier this year but certainly impacted  2015. The Atlanta gift show, the launching of my all about buttons subsidiary company It’s A Jane,appleatlantaDSCN1279travel lakeblogDSC_0191judyphiffreflection0019bIndainapolischair

a trip to the Barnes contemporary installation, the Phoenix Zoo, also the Indianapolis Art layerchairIndyredchairmuseum and their great collection of 20th C chairs also noteworthy is the December green grass in PA because of record breaking mild temperatures 70 degrees on Christmas Day.. but most important by far was celebrating my mother’s 90th Birthday, September 14th with family and friends and 90 candles !90bday

Arizona: Inspirational artworks from SMoCA

I am sure you are wondering why I hadn’t yet posted twice this month as previously promised! I am sure that some of you were terribly worried.

Earlier this month I was inspired by and literally immersed in several brilliant installations in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. (SMoCA)

IMG_20151112_170529389IMG_20151112_170438665_HDRIMG_20151112_170740565IMG_20151112_170553674_HDRThe first installation shown here, Knight Rise Skyspace, 2001, by James Turrell, is an illusionist experience that plays on perceptions of light and color at sunrise and sunset, through architectural and lighting elements that were created specifically for this desert IMG_20151112_170545906environment.


I also got to experience Bruce Munro’s Ferryman’s Crossing, a large-scale installation which uses reflection and dappled light to symbolize the enlightenment of the ferryman who crosses the river in Herman Hesse’s 1922 novel, Siddhartha. The installation incorporates the language of Morse code, used by mariners to communicate across the water using flashes of light. “The lights’ flashes spell out the words but their projected beams ultimately reflect off the compacIMG_20151112_171043922t discs and change the message into something more poetic and abstract.” You may have seen some of his work at Longwood Gardens.

As I sit here now in cold, grey, Pennsylvania, Chris Fraser’s multi-sensory IMG_20151112_172008496IMG_20151112_171944650IMG_20151112_171149470IMG_20151112_171239348IMG_20151112_172021233Atmosphere is most memorable, where “electrically charged argon and neon mimic the colors of the Arizona sky” and produce unusual shadows as participants move through the illuminated space.

Oh yes, and we did visit the Grand Canyon. Mother Nature IMG_20151114_144606962_HDRinspires!

Last day of November!

THANKS to everyone who stopped by on Small Business Saturday! The corn family was so happy to see you!  For those of you who couldn’t make it, please remember that we are open by appointment, thru December 20th, so there are 20 more days to shop for the holidays!!


Whipped Crème on the Water or Dance Band on the Titanic

Sporadically, while still sleepy-eyed, I get word phrases that repeat in my head. They are mysterious, short-hand, often lacking any real logic but nonetheless echo in my head. So, weeks go by and occasionally with a smirk and heavy brow I will repeat the phrases to a friend or out loud to no one in particular. Finally, I contemplate running with the idea, because maybe whipped crème on the water will look amazing and hopefully the results will at least be interesting, maybe fruitful, and first cousins to my paintings like Midsummer Night’s Dream, pictured below (acrylic on canvas 34″ x 46″).  As I start putting this fun science experiment into motion it gets more interesting , there are innumerable variables : kinds of water and varieties of whipped crème. Temperature and light changes, times of the year are all to be considered. To date, here are some results: Cool Whip on a lake at noon, homemade whipped crème flung into lily pads from a kayak, and Ready Whip spewed by the water’s edge. blog waterIMG_20151010_165345573 (3)

IMG_20151010_165549063 IMG_20151010_165620338_HDR IMG_20151010_165629889 IMG_20151010_165734322 IMG_20151012_121532339IMG_20151010_165351189

Dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me

Mama stood cryin’ at the dockside
Sayin’ “Please son, don’t take this trip”
I said “Mama, sweet Mama, don’t you worry none”
“Even God couldn’t sink this ship”

Well, the whistle blew and they turned the screws
It turned the water into foam
Destination sweet salvation
Goodbye home sweet home

I’m in the dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me


There was a trombone and a saxophone
The bass and drums were cookin’ up the bandstand
And I was strummin’ in the middle with this dude on the fiddle
And we were three days out from land

And now the foghorn’s jammed and moanin’
Hear it groanin’ through the misty night
I heard the lookout shout down “There’s icebergs around”
“But still everything’s all right”


Oh, the dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me

They were burnin’ all the flares for candles
In the banquet they were throwin’ in first class
And we were blowin’ waltzes in the barroom
When the universe went CRASH!





“There’s no way that this could happen”
I could hear the old captain curse
He ordered lifeboats away, that’s when I heard the chaplain say
“Women and children and chaplains first”

Well, they soon used up all of the lifeboats
But there were a lot of us left on board
I heard the drummer sayin’ “Boys, just keep playin'”
“Now we’re doin’ this gig for the Lord”

I heard the dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with meMidsummer Nights Dream

There’s a wild-eyed boy in the radio shack
He’s the last remaining guest
He was tappin’ in a Morse code frenzy
Tappin’ “Please God, S.O.S.”

Jesus Christ can walk on the water
But a music man will drown
They say that Nero fiddled while Rome burned up
Well, I was strummin’ as the ship go down

I’m in the dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me

Dance band on the Titanic
Sing “Nearer, my God, to Thee”
The iceberg’s on the starboard bow
Won’t you dance with me

By Harry Chapin  singer..remember TAXI, song writer,  world hunger activist